Gifts for Your Favorite Techie Part 4: Game Consoles

So your TV is upgraded and your streaming media device does everything you could ever want. What’s a good fun gift for you? A game console. These days, there are more than ever. What makes a good one? That depends on what you want.

Looking for portability?
An image link to the Nintendo Switch game console.

Only the Nintendo Switch offers it. The full-console offers gaming from wherever you are, including your own living room. Pause your game and pick it up in bed or on the bus. Buyer beware, however. The Lite version is only a portable and unable to hook to your TV.

Looking for a really deep back-catalog?

While not as capable as its big brother, the PS4 Pro, the Slim has the same access to the PS Network, including all of the retro titles available for download there. The Slim can stream in 4k, but cannot natively play its games in 4k, so if you’re in this for picture quality, the Slim isn’t for you. Try the PS4 Pro if you want both the Playstation Network and high quality native graphics.

Looking for incredible graphics?

What it lacks in back catalog, it makes up for in robustness. While the PS4 Pro comes close, nothing beats the XBox One X in sheer graphic beauty. While the XBox and XBox 360 titles are currently limited in availabilty, Microsoft says they will soon bring more of them to their online offerings.

Looking for that authentic retro experience?

There’s good news for you, as well. Both the Sega Genesis and Super NES have re-released versions this year. The Super NES Classic comes with 21 games, including Super Mario World. At nearly twice the price of the Sega Genesis Mini, though, it’s likely a gimmick for Nintendo Fanboys only. Or you could buy the aforementioned Genesis Mini. With twice the retro games at half the price, it’s a better deal for your retro game fix.

Once you have your lovely new game console, give Cherry Tree Technology a call! We’ll get it plugged in, connected to your network, and playing nice with all of your other devices. Make your post-Christmas gaming as pain-free as humanly possible.

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