Gifts for your Favorite Techie Part 3: Streaming Media Devices

Last time, we talked about Smart TVs. While those are a great option for many, not everyone wants to replace their television. If you want to keep your current TV, but still want streaming options, then this list is for you! Streaming media devices make great gifts. They offer you many of the same features as a Smart TV, but in a small device that can be added to any TV you already own. There are many options on the market. Everyone who makes devices seems to have made their own. But which one will make your techie smile?

If you still have your 1080p TV:
Image link of the Roku Express.

The Roku Express is the most budget friendly streaming media device. It doesn’t have 4k compatibility, nor will it sync with Alexa. But for watching Netflix, Hulu, or even Prime Video, it gets the job done. At a mere $29, it will fit into nearly every budget for gifts, too.

If you’re after bells and whistles:
Image link of the Fire TV Cube. A super powerful streaming device, for those on your list who are picky about their tech gifts.

The Fire TV Cube has nearly every update that a streaming media device might need. 4k compatibility, voice commands, and even the ability to sync with any other smart device in your home (assuming they’re Alexa compatible). Built to seamlessly integrate into your smart home, this is definitely the streaming media device for you if you already have your home set up for smart devices.

If your techie is also a gamer:
An image link of the Nvidia Shield TV. This would make a great gift for those on your list who are both gamers and movie fans.

The Nvidia Shield TV. will let you stream games via both Google Play and GeForce Now. It’s compatible with most current Bluetooth game controllers, or you can buy the Shield controller (sold seperately). While it’s not as robust as a standalone game system, it’s definitely far more gamer friendly than any other streaming media device. Look for more exciting streaming device/game system developments from the Shield in the future.

As always, if you have your heart set on a seamless, easy Smart Home, but don’t know how to get set up, we’re here to get your favorite tech gifts working the way they should. Cherry Tree Technology can get your network working, so you can play.

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