Gifts For Your Favorite Techie Part 2: Smart TVs For Every Family.

Now that you’ve got your network in order, let’s take a look at some other gifts. Today, we’ll consider some of your best options for a new Smart TV.

When it comes to big gifts for the whole family, a Smart TV can’t be beat. The right one will give you access to countless hours of movies and shows with your loved ones. Choosing the right one, however, isn’t always easy. Much like many other tech industries, the TV industry likes to use jargon in their descriptions. It’s hard to know exactly what you’re getting.

We hope this breakdown helps you choose your gifts well.

Best Budget Smart TV:
A linked image of a TCL Series-4 Smart TV. Smart TVs may be unconventional gifts, but they're sure to bring joy to your giftees.

If you want a new Smart TV for the Holidays, but don’t have much to spend, this 43″ TCL Series-4 is your best bet. Less than $250, but a whole lot of bang for your buck. While not as crisp as a higher-end model, this TV gives you everything you need to stream whatever you like with good picture quality and sound.

Best Overall Quality for the Price:
A linked image of an LG OLEDB8P 4K Smart TV.

Though of course there is always debate around these sorts of things, because taste is subjective, this LG OLEDB8P series television is consistently ranked highly by reviewers. The price is middle of the road, but the quality is definitely high. OLED TVs have better brightness and broader viewing angles than LCDs or even QLEDs. They deliver quite a lot of visual impact.

Best High End Picture & Sound:
A linked image of a Sony Bravia Master Series OLED TV. Widely considered the best Smart TV of the year, this will be the most coveted of Smart TV gifts this year.

If your budget for tech gifts will stretch, the very best rated picture and sound this year are available in the Sony Bravia Master Series. In sizes from 55″ to 77″, this TV would make an ideal focal point for a home theater.

After You Make Your Choice:

With 15 years of experience with home entertainment and networking, Cherry Tree Technology can help you set up all of your gifts once you get them home. We can install network cables, set-up your wireless network, and even make sure all your smart devices are playing nice with one another.

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