Checking In: Tucson, How Are You Doing Right Now?

Checking in: A woman in a red shirt with shoulder length light red hair leans her head on her desk, seemingly overwhelmed.

As a small business that has been in this community a long time, we want to reach out and see how everyone is doing. So here we are, checking in. We know the past month has been stressful. Are you stuck at home? Did your working hours change?

This past month has brought unprecedented changes for us all. Though we’re all doing our best, sometimes it gets overwhelming. So we here at Cherry Tree Technology are reaching out. How are you? Did you find toilet paper before the rush? Is your family safe? Do you need help finding resources?

Here at the office, we’re doing well. Some of our team is spending more time working from home, keeping their children focused on school. We have also been working hard to keep you working from home. While our focus has shifted a bit, our mission has remained unchanged. We are making tech just work, so our clients can just use it. With all the stresses in day to day life, we believe your technology shouldn’t add to them. That mission is more critical than ever right now.

Most of the nation has had to change how we work, how we relax, and even how we socialize. For many of us, this has resulted in a lot more stress on our home networks. If you find yours struggling to keep up, we’re here to help. Through remote support, in-office repairs, and even in-home help, we are helping Tucson keep working, even when things outside our homes are grinding to a halt.

Can We Help?

Let us know if we can help you connect to needed resources, find you something you need for your work from home, or fix your network to keep you sane. We’re here and listening. And if you feel like checking in with us, we won’t mind that, either.

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