Smart Home Questions? We can help!

An image of a smart home with icons for each of the connected devices inside.

These days, you’ve got a lot more choice when you’re looking for smart home gadgets. Where originally you only had one option for a smart doorbell with a camera or a fridge that could let you look inside without opening the door, there are now more on the market than you can keep up with. You can buy smart devices of all stripes, from TVs to doorbells to washing machines. Of course you can find comparison lists and buyer’s guides virtually anywhere on the internet. What a quick search of the internet can’t provide you with is someone who has real-time answers to your pressing smart home device questions.

While some features of smart technology are easy to understand, sometimes the manufacturers add confusing features that are unneeded or even counter-productive. Separating the good ideas from the lemons is sometimes hard to do. Getting help from a professional can make choosing your new device easier, and give you confidence in your eventual purchase. And the best part about working with a pro? Not having to install the smart home device yourself! No more fighting with your wireless network to make sure the newest electronic gadget in your home plays nice. Someone else can do that for you.

Ready to get started?

We at Cherry Tree Technology would be more than happy to guide you in your selection of a new smart home device. Even better, once you decide on the device you want, we can install it for you. Cherry Tree Tech is a locally owned Tucson-based technology company. We have more than 15 years of experience in residential computer repair, network maintenance, device and entertainment center set-ups and more! We can make sure that when your AC needs the temperature changed or your doorbell dings, you can interact with them the way you want. Call, email, or drop us a message today! Get the help you need making sure that your smart home doesn’t outsmart you.

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